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Earnslaw Burn

Updated: Jan 11

With the silly season on the horizon I'm looking forward to some time off work,

just because I'm off work doesn't mean I'm giving myself a break though 😅

One week with the family up north...

and two trekking through some of the best hills Marlborough has to offer 😏

This plan of mine is rather ambitious,

There are hundreds of kilometres,

Thousands of vertical metres and very little time to recover between trails.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for punishment 🤷🏼‍♂️

My somewhat neglected tent plays a big part in the plan,

I need to make sure it's still in good shape,

it's been tucked away for well over six months now.

There are so many conveniently placed back country huts around, I barley use it.

I think it's about time I pitched that tent again.

Earnslaw Burn is at the base of the Earnslaw Glacier near Glenorchy,

Infact it's just around the corner from a personal favourite track of mine, the Rees Dart.

The bordering West Coast environment leaves a lot to the imagination, these trees know how to keep a secret. But every now and then, let something slip.

Creeks, mud and exposed roots kept me on my toes for 9km before the valley opened up, finally I could see 👀


Remember how I said I hadn't taken the tent out in a while ?

My legs sure knew about it late that afternoon 😅

I pitched my tent beside a waterfall and made some significant upgrades to the previous tenants fire pit.

My spot had an abundance of rocks and dead wood, was well sheltered from the wind and a million dollar view going cheap 👌🏿

I ate a considerable amount of brownie that night 🤭

I sat tending to my fire and didn't seem to phase the wildlife, out for their dinner time graze.

I awoke the next morning warm and dry, to the sound of wind and rain battering my tent.

I collected some water from the stream for my coffee and discovered an "offering" from one of the deer just metres from my tent 😂

Once the wind died down I packed up my things and headed for the Glacier.


⏫ Great pressure on that shower.

It's hard to put the size of what you can see above into perspective, it's sooo big.

I climbed up the glacier a little but wasn't too keen on staying 😅

I should've come here yesterday 🤦🏻‍♂️

I also should have taken more photos but I was fucking around with my new GoPro, hopefully I'll be able to put some footage together soon 🤞🏽

I think I made pretty good time between here and the car, it sure did drag on though 😩

I usually smash out the big day first,

I fucked myself by setting up camp early 😅


I set up camp early because I was fucked😂

I pushed through the leg cramps and hunger pains knowing that KFC would be there to comfort me soon enough.

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